3 Tips For Hardwood Floor Installation In A Home With Young Children

10 March 2020
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Having hardwood flooring installed in your home can be a great way to get flooring that feels timeless and won't need to be replaced anytime soon. If you've been eager to get new hardwood floors for a while now and you have young children, there are some special things that you should look into to avoid issues in which you could be frustrated with how the flooring turns out later.

Avoid Easily Scratched Wood

The most important thing to do when you begin comparing options for hardwood flooring is to avoid floors that can be easily scratched. While laminated wood flooring can be very affordable and can give your home the look of real wood floors, it can often get scratched easily and begin to show wear and tear shortly after being installed when you have young children. Common types of wood that will stay durable include oak, maple, and even engineered wood due to its durability in different kinds of climates.

Opt for a Professional Installation

While some home remodeling projects can be easy to handle in your home on your own, installing hardwood flooring shouldn't be one of them. The biggest problem that comes with installing the flooring on your own is having them not lined up properly, leaving large gaps in between the flooring planks. Hiring a professional to help with installing hardwood flooring can make sure that it's installed much more seamlessly and that you won't have problems such as gaps that can begin to collect dust and grime that can be difficult to clean.

With a professional installation, you can also have a guarantee that the flooring will be installed correctly and that you won't have issues where the flooring is in rough shape.

Consider a Refurbished Wood Floor

As you take a look at your options for hardwood flooring, it makes sense to look for floors that won't show scratches and other damage. Instead of having it be an issue, you can look into getting refurbished wood flooring that can look great but be a bit more durable once you consider the fact that it already will have some scratches that will help any new damage blend right in.

If you want to have hardwood flooring installed at home, you need to consider what you should be looking for when you have young children and you want the flooring to be in the best condition over the years.

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