4 Reasons Marble Floor Tiles Could Be the Right Choice for Your Bathroom Makeover

11 March 2020
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If you're looking for durable bathroom flooring that adds glamor to your home, then marble tiles might be perfect for you. These luxurious tiles give a room an upscale appearance, so they're ideal for any room, but they're especially suited for use in a bathroom since they tolerate water. Here are four benefits of installing marble tile flooring in your bathroom.

1. Marble Reflects Light

Marble flooring has a shiny appearance, especially when it's sealed and clean. Plus, if you choose white marble tiles, they are even more reflective of light. This makes your bathroom brighter and might even make it look larger because of the brightening effect. If you like your bathroom to look shiny-clean, then marble flooring can help you achieve that look.

2. Marble Resists Water and Scratching

Marble is a flooring option that's been used for centuries in luxury homes and government buildings because they are proven to have a long life and adequate durability. Marble tiles are sealed when they're installed to protect the stone from scratches and water. Sealcoating can also prevent stains and spills, making the floor easy to keep clean. Since marble floor tiles are so easy to clean with a damp mop or dust mop, they are perfect if you have allergies. You can keep dust away with little effort.

3. Marble Is a Luxury Material

Marble tiles add beauty and value to your home. Since the tiles are so durable and have a long life, they can add value to your home and be appealing to future buyers. Even if you don't plan to sell your home, you'll appreciate having a bathroom, entry area, or even your entire house covered in luxury flooring.

4. Marble Tiles Work Well With Radiant Floor Heating

Marble holds onto cool temperatures, so it helps your home stay cooler in the summer. The tiles can be cool in the winter too, but one way to make the flooring warm and cozy is to install radiant floor heating since marble transfers heat well. If your bathroom is always cold and you hurry out in the winter, then the combination of floor heat and marble tiles will make the room warm and inviting.

There are several choices for bathroom flooring, but none are quite as luxurious as marble. Marble is a natural rock, so each tile is unique when it comes to vein pattern and color. The tiles come in many earth colors, so you can find tiles that are perfect for the decor you have planned for your bathroom makeover.