Updating Your Bathroom? 3 Things To Add

12 March 2020
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When your bathroom feels old and dated, it can be challenging to use the space each and every day. While renovating is certainly a good idea, focusing on the right elements of your bathroom is crucial for making the area feel bright and fresh. Here are three things you should add to your bathroom, and why you shouldn't settle for just any product you see on store shelves.

1. New Flooring

Few things will transform the look of your space quite like brand new flooring. The right floors can make your bathroom feel new, so take the choice seriously. Consider a lighter palette for bathrooms that are small, and experiment with darker tile colors or wall colors in bathrooms that you want to have more of an elegant feel. 

When choosing new flooring for bathrooms, only choose products that are waterproof, such as vinyl, tile, or natural stone. If you select a product that doesn't hold up to water and grime as well, you may find that they swell or break when there is water present.

2. Glass Shower Doors

Gorgeous glass shower enclosures are the perfect addition to a bathroom space that feels closed off. Glass allows anyone entering your bathroom to see the gorgeous tile job in and around the shower, making it easier to enjoy the beauty of the space. Glass shower doors are also perfect for creating a more comfortable showering experience since they can hold in more water vapor and make the area warmer. To top it off, many people find that maintaining glass shower doors is easier than dealing with scrubbing tile.

3. Updated Counters

Don't renovate your entire bathroom and forget about the counters. The right bathroom counters can make your space feel polished and beautiful, while the wrong counters could be making your area feel dated. When you are ready to update your counters, look at quartz that is man-made and quartzite, which is high-end granite. Both products are excellent to use throughout your home and prized for their hardness and durability. 

Updating your bathroom can turn your master bedroom into a retreat you can truly enjoy and call your own, which is why it is so important to take updates seriously. If you have any questions about how to move forward, think about talking with professionals to narrow down the search for the right materials. By working with a contractor and taking care of things the right way, you can streamline your experience.

For more information about glass shower doors, contact a shower door contractor.