Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Update This Much-Used Space

16 March 2020
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The bathroom in your home is one of the most used rooms all through the day. From showers to hair dressing, the bathroom and its fixtures, surfaces, and cabinetry are exposed to anything from aerosol sprays to high humidity in the air and water spilled upon surfaces. So when your bathroom is looking a little worn out, there are some recommendations you can follow to update and remodel all or some areas of this home space.

Here are some ideas to help you remodel your home's bathroom for a new appearance and use.

Restore Your Surfaces

One of the best ways to refurbish your bathroom without spending a great deal is to resurface some of the surfaces that are getting worn or outdated. In addition to painting the walls or the worn cabinets, your bathroom laminate countertop makes the perfect canvas for you to repaint into a faux stone surface of your choice. You can find a countertop finishing kit at most home improvement stores to prepare, resurface, and finish the countertop, so you can make your solid colored counter look like it is real granite.

You can also improvise with your remodel and use some basic supplies to resurface your countertop. First, you should always prepare the surface by cleaning it with denatured alcohol or trisodium phosphate to remove all residues and stuck-on substances that will ruin your finished look. You will also need to remove any caulk from the corners, as this will get in the way of your new surface application.

Then, repair any cracks and dents with epoxy putty and scratch the surface of the counter with a coarse-grit sandpaper to help the new paint adhere to its surface. Also remember to mask around the surrounding walls and fixtures. Apply a primer followed by your choice of color combinations and application techniques to mimic the look of quarts, marble, or other stone surfaces, followed with a couple coats of acrylic polyurethane topcoat.

Replace Fixtures and Cabinetry

Another area in your bathroom that sees a lot of wear and can become outdated quickly are the fixtures, including the faucet, hardware, and lighting fixtures. You can easily replace your bathroom faucet after finding a new replacement at a local home improvement store and replacing it in an afternoon. You can also replace the lighting with new energy-saving LED lighting that provides additional decor and matches your home's style and also fits into some modern designs. 

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