Tips To Keep Your White Oak Hardwood Floor In Fantastic Condition

16 March 2020
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A hardwood floor made of a slow-growing white oak tree can add beauty and quality to your home interior that can last for years. However, as with any hardwood flooring, there are particular care instructions you should follow to protect it and keep it looking its best every day. Here are some tips to help you care for your new French white oak hardwood flooring in your home.

Clean the Floor Regularly

Hardwood floors are not the type of flooring surface you can install and forget about. They need a fair amount of cleaning — the same as you should give to any prized items you have in your home. Hardwood floors, especially those made of French white oak, are beautiful and contain unique characteristics to the wood it was cut from. So take some time to clean them regularly with non-damaging materials.

Sweep your floors daily to remove dirt and grit that can collect on floors in your home. It is when the dirt and grit are left to sit on your floors that they get pushed into the surface of your floor as you walk upon them to scratch the floor's finish. Depending on the number of people in your household and whether you have pets, you should sweep on a daily basis, twice a day, or several times each week. 

If any water falls upon your floor, you need to wipe it up immediately, as water left on your floor will cause a water stain. And to mop your oak floors, use a spray bottle and a cleaning cloth. A mixture containing denatured alcohol and water makes a great cleaning solution for your hardwood floors. Spray the cleaning mixture onto small areas and work in sections so water does not sit on the floor for too long. 

Protect Your Investment

Once you have your hardwood floor cleaning routine down, you need to make sure your floor does not get scratched from regular wear. Place a rug in the entryway to help pickup dirt when you enter your home. 

You can also place rubber-backed rugs throughout your home upon the hardwood floor to protect your floors around corners and on areas of heavy traffic, especially if you have pets with claws. This will actually make it easier for your pets to gain traction when they walk or run through your home, as it prevents their having to dig their claws into the floor. Then, be sure to keep your pet's claws trimmed. You can also place rubber protectors on the legs of your furniture to further protect your floors, especially when you move furniture around your home.