Five Hardwood Flooring Options For Any Budget

17 March 2020
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Have you decided to add hardwood flooring to your home? If so, you may have quickly realized that the type of wood that you select will depend on your budget. It doesn't matter if you have a tight or very large amount set aside for your home renovation project since this range of flooring materials will be sure to work for you. Here are five flooring materials from the cheapest to most expensive. 


The reason that maple floors are so common is that the material is a good mix of beauty and affordability. It has a natural finish that is light in color, but you'll find that the wood will change to a darker, more yellow color over the years. The wood is also very durable and is able to resist a lot of common scratches from everyday use.

Red Oak

Oak is another common material at the low end of the cost spectrum, and it works great in homes thanks to its warm undertones. The great thing about this material is that it will take in stains quite well if you want to change the color of the flooring to something else. In terms of durability, it is a little bit softer than Maple, but still ranks quite high and performs well in homes.


Hickory wood is going to be for a mid-range budget. Many homeowners like it because of its rustic look and variations in color. The wood is incredibly durable, with it being the strongest of these five types of wood flooring. This means it won't wear down easily in high use areas and won't warp as easily in humid climates. 


Cherry flooring material will be for a larger budget. While the material is the softest of these five kinds of wood, the material is adored because of how the wood reddens as it ages. It's bought when beauty is a top concern rather than being practical. Many people use it in places that don't see much foot traffic, such as bedrooms, or cover the flooring with area rugs to make up for its softness. 


Walnut is another material that requires a higher budget, but it makes up for it with its looks. The wood is dark in color, with a unique grain pattern that is straight. What makes walnut a bit different than cherry is that the material is very durable. Feel free to mop a walnut floor and not worry about the material warping from the moisture.

Reach out to a flooring contractor for more information on any of these five types of flooring materials.