Reasons To Have A Coating Applied To Your Garage Floor

19 March 2020
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When contractors build a house, they usually pour concrete for the garage floor. In past times, such a floor was sufficient for most homeowners. However, a modern trend is to finish the floor with a coating. Read on for the advantages of having such a coating applied.

Coatings Protect the Concrete

Concrete is renowned for being a durable material. However, its surface is porous. So, any chemical spills can seep into the surface and cause a stain. The surface can also become chipped. It's even vulnerable to tire skids, moisture, and deicing salt. An epoxy coating bonds with the surface of the concrete floor to give it an extra layer of protection from such daily hazards.

A Coating Can Hide Imperfections

What if your concrete floor already shows signs of damage? Before application, the contractors will go through and thoroughly clean the surface. They'll also fill in any cracks or dings. If you stop at that step, the repairs will be obvious. However, when they apply the concrete coating, it hides the imperfections in the surface.

Certain Coatings Improve Skid Resistance

Concrete coatings come in both epoxy and polyurea. Both of these systems come with either monochromatic finishes or color flakes. What's more, you can specify to have a stone aggregate added. The stone increases the floor's strength. Moreover, it also improves on the floor's skid resistance.

Some Coatings Only Take One Day

The garage can be a high-use area. So, you probably don't want it out of commission for any length of time. Contractors can apply some coatings that dry the same day. Such coatings use an epoxy that wicks into the concrete surface. Not only does the coating dry fast, but the bond is especially strong. The bond prevents the coating from every peeling or flaking.

Concrete Coatings Add Visual Interest

A plain concrete floor is basic. Floor coatings come in numerous colors ranging from understated beige to deep rose. What's more, manufacturers can add color flake chips into the mix. So you get a dappled surface of different colors. For example, you might see a light brown background with flakes of darker brown, red, and yellow. Your garage floor can thus add beauty to your living space.

Floor Coatings Can Help Extend Your Living Space

In that vein, most contemporary homes feature an attached garage. Some of these garages are large. You could use such a garage for different activities, such as crafts, home maintenance, and even entertaining. Many homeowners invest in heating and custom cabinetry for the garage to that end. A plain concrete floor is fine, but a coating is an obvious upgrade for such activities.

Have your garage floor finished with a concrete coating by contact a garage floor coating service in your area.