Tips To Select And Prepare For Installation Of New Hardwood Flooring

20 March 2020
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The type of flooring you choose for inside your home can bring in warmth and comfort that will look great with your decor. However, take care when you select the type of flooring and how it will be best utilized to last as long as possible and look great for many years. Here are some recommendations to help you select and install hardwood flooring that is going to be long-lasting and durable for your home environment.

Choose the Best Type of Flooring For You

Hardwood flooring gives you a beautiful surface to accent to your living space, and it creates a surface that can withstand traffic and is easy to clean compared to fiber carpeting. However, be sure you select the type of hardwood flooring that is right for your space and your family. For example, if you have large dogs that live inside your home, they might need a hardwood flooring that is less slippery, such as cork flooring or laminate hardwood that both provide extra traction than a traditional type of polyurethane-sealed hardwood planks.

And also look at the amount of moisture that may be present in the space to choose the right type of wood flooring. For example, if you are adding flooring to a bathroom that might get a lot of water droplets and spills from bathing and showering, look for a more water-resistant hardwood. You may opt for an engineer wood flooring, which provides the most water resistance against damage to its layers. Just be sure you wipe dry any water spots from your hardwood flooring as soon as possible.

Select a Wood Color

You should also select a hardwood flooring color that will look great inside your home. You can choose colors ranging from white to a dark walnut color. Depending on your preference and the existing color schemes, choose one that matches your style. Look in magazines and online for ideas to help you select a color that will look good. Some homeowners prefer lighter colors or darker colors based on their ability to show or hide any dirt upon their surface. 

However, talk to a flooring installation professional about testing out wood flooring swatches within your home to see which ones look best. Just as you should try out paint swatches and carpeting samples in your home, always try out a hardwood flooring sample before arranging for its installation.

Prepare For Installation

Once you have selected your new flooring and arranged for the installation date, make sure your home is ready to receive the new flooring. You should prepare by removing all furniture and rugs from your floors so the installation team can install the new floor. Find out if you need to remove and dispose of the old flooring or if the installation team will take care of this task.

To find out more about hardwood floor installation, reach out to a flooring company near you.