Installing Marble Flooring? 3 Things You Should Do

29 May 2020
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There's a reason marble flooring has been gracing the interior of palaces and fine residences for centuries. Marble floors have an incredible amount of depth and visual interest, coupled with the fact that they can be finished in either a glossy polish or a beautiful honed texture. However, you should keep a few things in mind if you are thinking about putting them in your home. Here are three things you should keep in mind if you are putting in marble flooring

1. Research Sealant

Marble is naturally porous, which means that it is possible for your marble flooring to become stained or damaged if things like food or drinks fall onto them. However, by sealing the floors routinely, you can avoid issues and enjoy a glossy, stain-free surface. 

Before you have your floors installed, do what you can to research sealant. Look for a high-end sealant that is designed to fill those pores and prevent discoloration. Check with the manufacturer to see how long it lasts, especially in high-traffic areas. Applying sealant is fast and easy, so don't be intimidated about the process. Simply purchase the right products and have it on hand for when the installation is complete. 

2. Incorporate A No-Shoes Rule

Marble is a naturally soft stone, so be careful about letting people wear shoes in the house. Never allow anyone with industrial shoes or cleats walk onto your marble floors, and keep the floors clean to keep dirt or rocks from grinding against the floors as people move across them. 

Consider putting a bench or seat near your doorway to make it easy for people to sit down and remove their shoes. Ask guests to remove their shoes when they come to your home. In addition to keeping your flooring in good condition, you may also enjoy a cleaner space. 

3. Get Rid of Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Acidic ingredients, such as lemon juice, can etch natural stone countertops. To keep this from happening, get rid of all harsh cleaning chemicals from your home. Additionally, keep food preparation where acidic ingredients will be used in a protected area, such as a butler's pantry fitted with cutting boards. Only keep cleaning chemicals around that won't harm your flooring, just in case a family member or cleaning professional accidentally uses the wrong product. 

When you start looking for marble floors, think about what you want, how the finish will look in your home, and what you can do to create a beautiful, streamlined look throughout your space. By focusing on the right steps beforehand, you can truly enjoy your new flooring and help it to stay beautiful for many years to come.