Simple Tips To Maintain Your Garage Epoxy Floor

18 June 2020
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An epoxy floor is easy to apply and has several benefits over concrete, including epoxy's durability, resistance to chemical damage, and overall appearance. Another benefit of epoxy is the product's ease of maintenance and as a homeowner, you do not need any expensive equipment to keep your epoxy floor functional and looking amazing for several years to come.

Here are a few simple tips to help you easily care for and maintain your epoxy garage floor.

Everyday Care and Cleaning

Sweep your epoxy floor often with a dust mop or broom with soft bristles. Use a wet/dry vacuum to clean up any large areas of dirt and debris. A microfiber mop and plain water will be enough to remove day to day dirt and grime. A hose will also remove heavy dirt and stains that you cannot remove with a broom and mop.

Do not allow dirt, sand, and debris to buildup on the floor as this can lead to minor scratches and damage that can weaken your floor over time.  

Prevent Chemical Damage and Stains

Clean up any spills immediately with a paper towel or a shop cloth. Remove any stains with a soft-bristled brush and water. Eliminate stubborn stains with a cleaner made specifically for use on epoxy flooring. You can also use a mixture of ammonia diluted with water.

Avoid using products that contain citrus or other acidic ingredients, as these products can eat away at the epoxy coating's finish. Dish soap and other soap-based cleaners can also dull the floor's shine and makes the floor dangerously slippery.

If the chemical stains are still present, use a neutralizing agent to clean up the mess. Use the neutralizing agent on the spill and stain according to the package directions.

Protect the Epoxy Floor

Finally, if your garage is also your workshop or place of business, protect your epoxy flooring against all sorts of damage. For example, if you are fixing your vehicle, place down rubber mats on the floor and use these mats to protect the floor against your tools and the weight of vehicle parts. Instead of storing heavy items directly on the epoxy flooring, install heavy duty shelving or place the objects on blocks of wood.

An epoxy flooring not only looks better than concrete, the product is also more stain resistant and more durable. Following a few simple tips, including regularly cleaning up dirt and debris and using the correct products to clean up stains, will ensure your epoxy floor does not become damaged.

For more tips on maintaining garage floor epoxy coatings, reach out to a flooring company near you.