Choose the Flooring for Your New Home

17 July 2020
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Choosing the flooring for your new house might seem somewhat overwhelming. It's true that there are many choices for you to make. However, with careful consideration, you'll be better prepared to select flooring that will work well for you. 

The Living Room and Dining Room - Consider the feeling you want in your formal living areas, which are probably the living room and the dining room. If you want to establish an elegant feeling, think of going with a dark mahogany parquet floor. Another idea for an elegant look would be to choose off-white carpeting, which will go with any furniture you place in the formal areas. 

Hardwood flooring will probably last longer, and it will more than likely be easier to maintain. If you go with carpeting, just remember that it might need to be professionally cleaned periodically to keep it's like-new look.

The Kitchen and the Family Room - Vinyl floors for the kitchen and the family room would be attractive and easy to maintain. Choose vinyl that looks like oak or a maple for a traditional look. If you want a rustic look, choose vinyl flooring that looks like distressed wood. Another benefit of selecting vinyl flooring instead of real hardwood floors is that it will be a more affordable purchase.

The Bedrooms - Carpet would be a good choice for the bedrooms. If you have children, choose an easy-care carpet that resists stains. For the master bedroom, go with a luxurious carpet in your favorite color. Think of adding small area rugs in strategic places, like on the side of each bed. The area rugs will help to keep the carpets cleaner and they will also probably last longer.

The Bathrooms - Tile for all of the bathrooms would be a good choice. For a dramatic look in the master bathroom, choose tile with a bold pattern as part of the design. For a more subtle look, choose pale shades like yellow, turquoise, or salmon for the color of the tile in the master bedroom. If you have children, consider letting them choose the color of the tile for their bathrooms. You might give them three or four choices that you like, just to make sure you don't end up with tile that you consider unattractive.

The Patio - If choosing the flooring for your new home includes floors for an outdoor patio, consider going with faux painted concrete. Concrete is affordable, very easy to clean, and it will last for a very long time. If you do decide on faux painting the concrete, think of going with something like the look of seasoned bricks or weathered pebbles.

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