Tips To Help You Install An Epoxy Flooring In Your Garage

17 July 2020
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Having access to a space where you can work on vehicles and outdoor equipment in a workshop space is a big convenience as a homeowner. And with the right type of durable commercial flooring installed in your garage, clean-up and maintenance of the floor will be simple and effective. There are a variety of flooring options for your garage and workshop, but you want one that will withstand vehicle fluids and an occasional heavy tool falling upon its surface without losing its durability and appearance, which makes an epoxy coating a great option. Here are some recommendations to help you coat your concrete floor with an epoxy coating.

Research the Product

Before you begin any epoxy coating process, you should make sure you understand all the installation processes thoroughly. If you are buying an epoxy floor kit, read through the instructions a couple times to gain a full understanding of each step and to make sure you don't misinterpret any of the process. Just missing one point in the installation process can result in a coating that will not cure to the floor or will peel up and look horrible. And removing an epoxy floor that was installed incorrectly is not an easy process.

Read through the kit's instructions or, if you are using a commercial product, follow the manufacturer's guidelines. The manufacturer will usually provide a phone number which you can call if you have questions about any step in the process. It is best to prepare yourself with the right knowledge at the start than to try and collect important details while you are applying the product onto your floor. If you are uncertain about being able to install the product, you can hire a flooring professional to install the product for you to meet any specifications you need.

Consider the Installation Time

When you have chosen your epoxy coating system, you will need to be ready to make sure you can install it within a reasonable amount of time. Depending on the type of epoxy coating you have selected, it might have a variance of drying time. This may require you to be timely in coating it onto your concrete, which may require you to get the help of some assistants.

For example, if you have chosen a commercial epoxy floor coating, this type of treatment usually has a faster drying time than a DIY at-home kit that you can buy at many home improvement stores. A commercial epoxy flooring is made to dry and cure within a faster time period, which means you need to have at least one other person helping you to apply and smooth it onto the floor. Depending on the size of your workspace, you may need the help of two people to get it installed right.

However, if you are using an at-home epoxy kit, they usually allow you to apply the coatings in multiple thin layers. This will help you cover any mistakes you make in the application of its smooth appearance. An at-home kit is a good option if you will be doing the process all on your own.