3 Maintenance Blunders You Should Avoid When Using Laminate Flooring

29 July 2020
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Unlike before, laminate flooring has been gaining popularity amongst homeowners because it's inexpensive, easy to install, and can resist fading even when it's exposed to sunlight. The floors are also not susceptible to scratches, impacts, and stains. They also have better water sensitivity compared to their timber counterparts, come in varied wood varieties and colors, and can last for many years.

But like other forms of timber floors, your laminate floor needs to be maintained regularly. However, some homeowners make some maintenance blunders that can ruin the laminate floors over time. This post will share some of these harmful practices, so you can avoid them and ensure your floor retains its shine over the years.

1. Using a traditional broom

Although you are required to dust your laminate floor regularly, don't use a standard broom. Such brooms have hard bristles that leave scratches and streaks on the floor, and they won't clean it effectively, as some dust particles will be left behind. Experts recommend that you use a dry microfiber mop instead since it can glide well on the laminate surface. You may also use a vacuum cleaner when you want to get rid of smaller elements.

2. Getting any cleaner or detergent-based liquids

Most people make a mistake of cleaning their laminated floors using water and other detergents or cleaners. You cannot maintain your laminate floor like a concrete or tile floor. Over time, the water will cause the laminate boards to swell and get absorbed in the board gaps. Ordinary cleaners and detergents, on the other hand, tend to leave a dull coat meaning your laminated floor will not have that gorgeous, smooth, and shiny look. To make matters worse, these cleaning products eat away the plank's top layer, thereby damaging them.

If you must use a cleaner to eliminate stains, consider spraying a little amount of water on the microfiber mop and add some laminate floor cleaner to wipe the area. Make sure you follow the directions indicated on the laminate cleaner.

3. Failing to take precautionary measures

While laminate floors require minimal maintenance, compared to other floors, there are certain preventative measures you should keep in mind to prevent long-term damages. For instance, you shouldn't drag furniture whenever you need to reposition them. Furniture caps should also be used to avoid scraping. Experts also recommend that you buy quality mats and place them strategically in high-traffic areas, and clean spills right away.

For more information about maintaining laminate flooring, reach out to flooring contractors.