Need New Floors For Your Hotel? Why Laminate Is The Way To Go

17 August 2020
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When most think of laminate flooring, they picture homes and small businesses. The convenience and cost-effectiveness of laminate have made people mistakenly limit what can be done with this flooring material. Hotel owners have to make a difficult decision when it comes to selecting floor materials for their rooms.

Due to the heavy foot traffic, you'll need a material that's durable, easy to maintain, and highly customizable to fit a specific theme. All these qualities are contained in laminate floors. Here's why you should seriously consider going the laminate way when you need new flooring for your hotel premises.

1.    Future proof the property with waterproof planks

One of the biggest benefits of using laminate is that technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Manufacturers now use unique protective layers that enhance durability, offer water resistance, and provide excellent sanitation. This means that your guests will still enjoy clean and comfortable floors even after the previous occupant of a room left a huge mess. Laminate floors are also stylish because custom designs can be incorporated into the floorboards. You can use your company logo, pictures of nature, and unique colors to complete the theme of your hotel space. In this way, your investment will last for years to come without the need for carrying out a thorough renovation.    

2.    Make maintenance less of a hassle

The less time you can spend cleaning, the more time guests can spend relaxing in their rooms. Laminate floors give off a clean touch as soon as you mop them lightly. Occasional vacuuming and dusting are also enough to maintain the cleanliness of your laminate panels. Over time, issues such as staining, chips/cracks, and warping have been resolved by using more efficient manufacturing techniques. For example, polished laminate panels don't easily stain, and the waterproof feature significantly lowers the likelihood of warping. The ease of installing a new laminate floor also reduces installation costs throughout your hotel.

3.    Give your premises an authentic touch

Hardwood isn't the only flooring material that looks authentic. You can add a rustic, dark washed, or whitewashed theme to individual hotel rooms by using laminate panels. For example, each panel can be hand-scraped to create varied texture patterns, and manufacturers can also design thin, long, or engrained panels to create a specific theme. The colors available for laminate floors are as extensive as there are color combinations in the market. Therefore, you no longer have to limit your creativity, and you can keep up with rapidly emerging customer trends.

If you're looking for flooring in your hotel, consider speaking to a specialist about laminate flooring today.