6 Important Tips About Coating Your Basement Floor With Epoxy

20 October 2020
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If you are getting ready to spruce up your basement and you want to install affordable and durable flooring, you are going to want to consider applying a basement floor epoxy coating. Epoxy coatings adhere well to concrete basement floors and provide you with a great-looking floor that is easy to take care of.

Warm Up Your Basement

Most epoxy products require a warmer environment to set properly. If your basement is on the colder side, you will want to warm things up before applying the epoxy. Turn on your heating system or set up some space heaters to keep the area warm while you work. Be very careful if you use space heaters, as epoxy in liquid form is flammable.

Clear Your Basement of Items

Next, it is best to apply the coating all at once, which means you will need to clear out your basement and remove all items from your basement. This will provide you with a good opportunity to go through everything in your basement. You are going to want a clean and open work area.

Deep-Clean the Floors

The epoxy coating is going to stick better if you have clean floors. Start by sweeping your floors to remove large debris. Then, go over the floors with a shop vacuum to pick up any remaining debris. After that, you are going to mop your floors. Be sure to use lots of soap and clean your mop head frequently. Clean your floors unit; you can't see any visible dirt.

After mopping, don't get right to work. You are going to want your concrete floors to be dry. That means allowing the floors to dry for a day or two and potentially using fans or a dehumidifier to ensure that they are completely dry.

Fix Damaged Concrete

Next, you are going to want to fix any damage to your concrete if you have any cracks or holes in the concrete before you put down the epoxy. You want the floors to be in the best possible condition. It is best to apply epoxy when the surface is uniform and smooth, so take care of repairs beforehand. After you make the repairs, allow the patch to dry completely before you move ahead with your project.

Apply a Primer

Before you paint your floors, you are going to want to apply a primer. A primer will help prepare the floor properly for the epoxy. You will want to paint the walls furthest from the exit first so that you will not have to step on any wet surfaces. Allow the primer to dry for at least an entire day.

Carefully Apply the Epoxy

Finally, it is time to apply the epoxy. Start by painting a border around your basement floor. Then, start at the back of your basement and work towards the stairs, evenly applying the epoxy.

When it comes to transforming your basement, start with the floor. An epoxy coating will work well on your basement floor. Be sure to prepare your flooring before you apply the coating properly.