Dairy Brick Floors: Signs You Need Repairs

20 October 2020
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Dairy brick floors are an essential part of food preparation and operation facilities. These brinks are an ideal flooring solution when a company works in food service because the bricks are durable and resistant to chemical damages, making the floors safe to use in the workplace. The floor tiles are also smooth and easy to clean, making them more sanitary than other types of flooring options. Taking care of dairy brick floors by hiring a repair contractor as needed will help the floors remain clean for use and will help you keep your employees and facility safe.

Preventing repairs is ideal, but with the ample traffic your facility gets, dairy brick repair is inevitable. The key lies in knowing when this type of repair service is needed so you can have work done as necessary. Here are signs you need repairs and need to give your dairy brick contractor a call.

You have cracks in the floors

One of the most common issues when it comes to dairy brick is cracking. When cracks start to show up in your brick, have you repair contractor remove and replace the more broken bricks or repair smaller cracks before they start to spread. When repairs are done on minor cracks, they don't have the chance to spread and cause the floor to crumble. Without repair, tiles can crumble away and make floors uneven, causing potential accidents or spills.

You have loose or missing grout

The grout that goes between the dairy brick tiles should be smooth and free of debris. Over time the grout can become loose and create a problem, making it harder to keep the floors clean and allowing debris and germs or bacteria to get inside. Hire a repair contractor to inspect and repair any grout flaws so you can maintain the safety and integrity of your dairy brick tiles.

You have older dairy brick floors

The high temps that dairy brick tiles are formed under make them naturally resistant to water absorption and allow them to be very strong. However, time will wear them down. If your dairy brick floors are older and absorbing water or showing other signs of wear, call your repair contractor. The condition of your floors will determine whether they should be replaced or repaired.

For more information about brick installation in your food service facility, or questions about hiring a dairy brick repair contractor, contact a local flooring professional.