Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Is a Great Choice

18 November 2020
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When searching for the right flooring you may have come across prefinished hardwood flooring and you might be wondering if it is right for your home. Here is some insight on what you can expect if you opt for prefinished hardwood flooring.

1. The basics of prefinished hardwood flooring

prefinished hardwood flooring has a factory finish, which helps to protect the flooring from things like stains and discoloration that can happen when the flooring is exposed to water. When the flooring is in your home it can have liquids spilled on it, plumbing leaks can cause water on it, and it will also be exposed to water even when you are cleaning it. This is why you want to know your flooring is protected and it will come that way as prefinished flooring. Sometimes, the finish is applied to the flooring after it has been installed. Other times, the finish will be applied to the material before it leaves the factory. 

2. The benefits of prefinished hardwood flooring

It's obvious that one of the big benefits of this flooring has already been pointed out in the fact it protects the flooring, but there are still many other benefits. For one, this flooring is easier to install and they normally come with longer warranties because they are expected to last longer and to experience fewer damages. Hardwood floors that have been protected with the powerful sealers that are used can help the floors to last well over twenty years. 

Another advantage of choosing this flooring is that it will have a great look to it in which it has a nice sheen. You can choose between a lot of different looks with prefinished hardwood flooring as well. Whether you want light wood, medium wood, or dark wood, you will be able to have it installed. You can enjoy the size of planks that you prefer as well, which will further help you to create the look you want in the space you are having flooring installed in.

3. Hardwood flooring helps create great-looking spaces that are enjoyable

When you choose to go with hardwood flooring in general, you can create a nice look in your home that can range from homey to luxurious. It goes well with all kinds of decor and it helps you to keep your home cooler in the summer more efficiently. It is also better for allergies than carpet because it is so easy to keep clean.