Tile Flooring Options To Consider When You Remodel Your Bathroom

5 January 2021
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New flooring gives your bathroom a fresh look, and choosing a new floor is probably on your list of things to do when you renovate your bathroom. You have several options to consider. Here's a look at different types of tiles that would be suitable for use in a bathroom.

Porcelain And Ceramic

Ceramic tiles are classic bathroom flooring. They resist water damage, and they're affordable. Porcelain is similar to ceramic, but it tends to be a little more water-resistant, so porcelain tiles might be better for a bathroom used by kids that gets a lot of water splashes.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles come in different sizes and colors, so you can find tiles that fit in with your bathroom remodeling plans. The size of the tiles makes a difference in the appearance of your floor, but smaller tiles have more traction since they have more grout lines. That could be a consideration if you have elderly family members or kids who would use the bathroom.

Natural Stone

If you want your bathroom to have a luxurious appearance, then stone would be a good choice. You might want marble, granite, limestone, slate, or travertine tiles. These come in different earth colors, and some have grains and swirls that enhance their appearance. Stone tiles are beautiful, but they are expensive.

You could match stone tiles with the tiles used in your shower or the stone used on your countertop. Natural stone tiles come in square and rectangular shapes and in different sizes. You'll probably need to seal the tiles regularly since stone is more porous than ceramic or porcelain.

Stone tiles can be slippery, so when you intend to use them for bathroom flooring, look for tiles that have been textured so you have traction walking on them when the tiles are wet.

Cement Tiles

If you want artistic patterned flooring, then cement tiles are a good choice. Since these tiles are manufactured, they come in many colors and patterns. They can also be made in different shapes and sizes. You'll have the widest variety in flooring options when you choose cement tiles, but you could opt for earth or neutral colors too.

Cement tiles resist water so well that they can be used on shower walls for a coordinated look. The tiles feel smooth underfoot, but they are made so they aren't slick when wet or dry.

Vinyl Tiles

If you want an affordable option in bathroom flooring that's also easy to install yourself, you might consider vinyl tiles. These come in patterns and colors, so if you want something besides natural earth tones, vinyl might be a good option. However, you can also buy vinyl tiles that look like expensive stone tiles or wood planks. When buying vinyl tiles for the bathroom, look for tiles that are rated as waterproof.

An advantage of vinyl flooring is that it is softer than stone, cement, ceramic, or porcelain. It might also feel a little warmer on bare feet. However, vinyl and the other flooring options can be installed above radiant floor heating so the floor is always warm in the winter.

To learn more, contact a bathroom renovation company.