Making Over Your Home With Luxurious Vinyl Flooring Products For Versatile Surfaces

24 March 2021
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If you want to add luxurious floors to your home, vinyl is a great choice. There are various types of vinyl flooring systems that can be used for flooring. If you want to have the look of hardwood, plank flooring is available. There are even vinyl options for surfaces outside of your home. The following vinyl flooring solutions will give your home renovations unique luxury flooring:

Vinyl Planks for the Look of Hardwood

One of the best options for modern plank flooring is vinyl because it is so versatile. These materials resemble hardwood, but they have many advantages over real wood flooring, including:

  • Options for various wood finishes
  • Waterproof surfaces for vulnerable areas like bathrooms
  • Easy to clean and maintain wood flooring solution

The plank flooring materials are great for areas where you want wood but don't want the problems that come with hardwood flooring.

Vinyl Tile Solutions for Custom Design Options

There are also options for tile flooring products. The manufacturing techniques have changed, and there are many more options than just the plan colors of laminate floor tiles. The difference is that there are more options for vinyl flooring tile, including:

  • Unique decorative patterns
  • Textured profiles that resemble other materials
  • Various stone finish tile styles

The addition of textured profiles for your vinyl tiles will give your new floors a unique custom look.

Laminates for a Modern Flooring Design

The conventional rolls of laminates are also available for the new floors in your home. The difference is there are also many more options for styles and sizes of the rolls. Therefore, there are some things to consider when installing these vinyl laminate flooring rolls, including:

  • Avoid seams wherever possible
  • Use a waterproof adhesive to install laminates
  • Make sure air bubbles are removed during installation

The laminates are a great solution for areas where you have large open space to install floors. They are affordable and durable solutions for these areas of your home if they are installed correctly.

Special Laminate Membranes for Outdoor Surfaces

There may also be outdoor surfaces where you want to use vinyl products. There are specially designed vinyl membranes for these surfaces that can be used for your outdoor spaces. Some of the areas where you can use them include:

  • Patios for outdoor living space
  • Impermeable decking for finished space beneath decks
  • Surfaces for other paths and other outdoor living spaces

The membranes are a great solution if you want to add finished space beneath a deck area to create an impermeable, patio-like surface.

The vinyl flooring solutions can be a great way to makeover your home with unique new floors. Contact a luxury vinyl flooring service, like those at KC Marble & Tile and other locations, to get the materials you need for the new floors you install in your home.